Kadosh Marian Institute of Theology – Study Tours

Kadosh Marian Institute of Theology – Study Tours

We continue to offer students exciting co-curricular activities along with exposure to visit historical / holy places of importance.

A study tour is a unique travel experience that combines learning with travelling. The area of study that you are interested in exploring will determine how the tour is organized. We focus on spiritual study that will see you visiting international holy places to learn directly by visiting the holy land.

We have been organizing study tours for over a decade. We have a team of in-house travel experts who all specialize in putting together the travel requirements of study tours. Moreover, we employs a number of academics who have significant expertise in not only their disciple area but also in the development and running of study tours. Usually, we put other a dedicated team, based specifically on our student’s interesting areas in conjunction with their studies.

Study Tour as well as Pilgrimage trip in the Theological perspective including Mariology, Hagiology and Papal’s Encyclicals.

Europe & UK Holy Land
Rome Western Wall
Vatican Church of Holy Sepulcher
Assisi Mount of Tabor
Venice Mount of Olives
Padua Valley of Elah
Lady of Lourdes Sea of Galilee
Workshop -1 Workshop 1
Lady of Fatema The Jordan River
Vurgos Maria Catholic Cathedral (Spain) Mount Sodom
Chapel of miraculous medal Hebron
St. Shrine of Teresa of Lisiux (Little flower) Bethlehem
St. Teresa of Avila Dome of the Rock
Lady of Wallsingham Nativity Church
Aylesford  Workshop 2
St. Jude’s Favresham church
Westminster Cathedral
Workshop 2

A few snap shot from Study Tours

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