Kadosh Marian Charitable Trust – A charity of Scholarship for Education.

Kadosh Marian Charitable Trust – A charity of Scholarship for Education.

Kadosh Marian Charitable Trust – Scholarship for Education program help to receive scholarships for the poor and needy students. Our special team administers the scholarships for study program.

Why do we provide scholarship?

Children living in orphanage or in below poverty line or converted Christian children or needy children has not have adequate access to education. It is a disadvantage to their basic human right.  We invite you to join us in providing access and empowerment to them.  We experienced that our support, however little will make a difference!

What include in the scholarship?

We are creating opportunities for promising and underprivileged above such children through the provision of scholarships.  The Promise of Scholarship Program was established to address the need for financial educational assistance. This scholarship covers school/college tuition and provides a stipend for books, registration and other supplies. This support is crucial as it enables children and youths to be able to stay in school and to continue their education. These children and youth, from low-income families, are at risk and would otherwise drop out of school. This is an ongoing program with tremendous and far-reaching potential. This program helps to address the social and economic needs of less privileged and gifted children who are not able to attend school because they lack sufficient finances. The benefits are long-term as it provides an escape path from poverty.  It grants the children access to education is an important key to personal change and development.

Since we experienced these difficulties physically and directly, a thought has been inputted by the trustees to extend the helping hands to deserving and vulnerable people in the living society. Currently we are using our members tithe contribution towards the above social needs which is bare and not meeting all the causes. Now we are looking for donors who are volunteers and interested to help others through this. We will consider each request causes through the recommendation routes of priests or Bishops from a diocese, Government bodies, Government recognized social institutions/groups, School/college principal. Our monthly/quarterly projects details will be clearly projected in a spreadsheet with cause (their address, contact numbers, email address or care of address in case applicant has not personal phone number), donors name, amount received, and amount delivered to the applicant witnessing by religious head of that region or local civil Government body officials. Charity account is a non-profitable account; it receives through Charity trust and deliver through Charity trust. An up to date database (incoming/outgoing) will be available online to see for all concerned. Necessary online payment facilities/transfers/setting up direct debits are available on request.

How to apply for scholarship?

Your scholarship application will likely involve a great deal more than just your contact information.

The following supporting documents must be submitted when you apply for scholarship

  1. Student’s bio-data
  2. Identity card
  3. Proof of evidence form the college about your studies
  4. Proof of evidence form the college about your fees
  5. Latest mark list.
  6. Conduct certificate from the previous school or college
  7. Recommendation letter from the government authorities or Bishop to prove that you are in need of scholarship

Once the above have been obtained, please write to us to charity@kadoshmarian.com, subject as ‘scholarship’ and our team members will scrutinize your application and will contact you personally.

Currently, we make the pension payment through few Bishops and all our partners has the right to view the details.