Kadosh Marian Charitable Trust – Charity of Shelter

Kadosh Marian Charitable Trust – Charity of Shelter

Kadosh Marian Charitable Trust – Charity of Shelter helps a number of people to overcome their struggles with poor housing amenities or homelessness. We raise and donate funds for this specific needs. Homes for the Homeless have enriched our services to provide wraparound support through community and other collaborations to ensure families are empowered and provided opportunities to achieve well-being and self-sufficiency. We are attempting to eliminate homelessness and alleviate poverty as far as we can.

Shelter is more than a roof. It is a home; it is a necessity for everyone’s life. Our supports provides shelter that protects families from burning heat, bitter cold, dangerous animals, disease and so much more (Isaiah 4:6). A shelter creates space where families can have privacy and dignity from the rest of the world, where they feel safety, security and in being together. When people are plunged into crisis, normality is suspended. However, good quality shelter can cut through the chaos. It doesn’t just give people space to heal from physical and emotional trauma, but it gives them roots, roots that go far deeper than a simple tent peg (Isaiah 24:4).

How to apply for a funding for a home?

Please apply with the following documents and evidences.

  1. Your Bio-data.
  2. Your eligibility criteria.
    • You are under poverty level.
    • Current job and its income, if any.
  1. Government official’s certificate or a recommendation letter from Bishop.
  2. Details to be provided if any fund requested from any other organisation –
  3. Copy of the identity card
  4. Copy of the ownership of the land
  5. Be patient, we will contact you as soon as we can.

Once all of the above have been compiled, please write to us to charity@kadoshmarian.com, subject as ‘shelter’ and our team members will scrutinize your application and will contact you personally.

Currently, we construct home through relevant Bishops. All our partners have the right to view the details.