Kadosh Marian Institute of Theology – Courses Available

Kadosh Marian Institute of Theology – Courses Available

Earning a Diploma is achieved by attending a study program offered by Kadosh Marian Institute of Theology. The Master Degree program typically takes one to two years to complete for most students. Although some people study theology to prepare for a particular religious order, others study it to understand the divinity. Through reviewing religious and philosophical beliefs throughout history, students can gain a better grasp not only on each of the specific traditions but also on people’s beliefs in general.

This program introduces major areas of theological study, including both academic study and practical application of biblical truth.

A degree in theological studies is wonderful for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Bible and their faith.  We help all our children to know the truth – John 8:32 ‘Know the Truth and Truth will set you free’.  However, religious studies is very useful for beginning your career and forming your personality. There are many areas where religious knowledge and expertise can be a benefit to your profession.

All students are required to take the five core curriculum courses, and then each student is able to select any combination of five elective courses to complete the Master of Science in Education degree. This flexible offering allows you to customize your course plan based on your specific career goals. Our focus areas include:

The summarised program  consists of the following:-

  • Diploma in General Bible Study
  • Diploma in Theology
  • Degree (Hons) in Theology
  • Degree in Counselling
  • Master Degree in Theology
  • Master Degree in Counselling

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