Kadosh Marian Charitable Trust – Be a partner

Kadosh Marian Charitable Trust – Be a Partner

We are to win lost souls, care for those in need, and make disciples of Jesus in all nations.

Walking with Christians from around the world can enhance the life of others through us.  There are varieties of ways in which you can share your faith, experiences, talents, knowledge, and help with our international partners.

St. Paul says in Ephesians 2:19 “You are no longer strangers or foreigners, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of the household of God.”

We do mission in partnership. God’s mission invites us to join hands with our International Partner Churches, and to walk together as companions with our sisters and brothers around the world.

We build close relationships with missionaries through covenanted relationships.

Partnerships objective:

  1. To become a channel for the Lord’s work to do on earth.
  2. To put a face on mission.
  3. To build enthusiasm and “ownership” for global mission.
  4. To give a clear picture of how to support of our society.
  5. To educate our members about current global mission.
  6. To strengthen the conferences, regions, and congregations for mission education.
  7. To encourage personal and congregational commitment to global mission.

We depend completely on God placing the need upon the hearts of His servants to give to His work through our Services.

Partnership also emphasizes both privilege and responsibility. It creates an opportunity to reset expectations about Church in general. It brings a sense of both action and direction. It captures the “sentness” of a community to live out the Great Commission

The Partnership with us saying, “I’m on the team!  I share the vision! I share the experiences I share the talents” As active partners, we take “ownership” for the healthiness of the public.  We live out mutual responsibility and accountability toward one another.  We need one another and partnering is one way of saying, “We are at each other’s disposal.  We’re committed to one another!”

Join as Partner

Partners are a special group of friends who share the desire to see God’s covenant with His people restored! Partners desire to be a bridge of unity and restoration between people and the Church, releasing God’s fullness throughout the earth.

As you are going to be our partner, we help you to fulfil the will of God for your life. Through partnership, we all play a significant role in building the Kingdom of God on the foundation of God’s love.

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